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Throwing Assange in a Black Hole

On This Week’s Show…. Originally recorded April 12th Mueller report? What Mueller report! Let’s talk about Julian Assange and pictures of black holes instead. Josh has the night off,...

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Moonman Mike And The Sultan of Brunei

On This Week’s Show… This show originally recorded on 5 April 2019 What does the Sultan of Brunei and the US Space Program have in common? Not much, come...

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The Mueller…Report?

On This Week’s Episode…. Tim, Mike, and Josh welcome Steve to discuss a very special summary of an episode…the Mueller report has dropped, and we want to know what’s...

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Very Gun. Much Education.

On This Week’s Show…. Did you miss us? We missed you! Josh, Mike and Tim discussed the recent terrorist attacks in New Zealand, and how the government and people...

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Virtually Addicted To Momo

On This Week’s Show… Tim, Mike, and Josh welcome a new guest, JJ, to the show to talk about the Momo Challenge, and discuss the concept of video game...

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Review: Buck A Beer!

Beer Review During the Ontario provincial election, Doug Ford didn’t have much of a platform. He did, however, make one promise: BUCK-A-BEER. That’s right, Ontario! You can now have...

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Review: Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky

Whiskey Review – Liqourmen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky At least they didn’t lie – this is about as dirty as it gets. It’s no secret that Tim’s a big...

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There’s a Disney Reference For Everything

I Win, and My Brother Loses I grew up, like many people of my generation, watching Disney films, and there was a common game I would play with my...

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Eating Disorders Are All Serious

In which Mike opines on the current state of one particular mental illness in North America.

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Quit Saying I’m Well Trained.

In which Tim writes about the continued disparity between the genders perpetuated by general assholery.

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Did You Miss Me?

Mike returns after a short absence and, as penance, converts his unexplained absence into an explained one.

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The Importance of the Classics

A short musing on the value of classic film, in which Mike is far less uncouth than normal.

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Nerding Out With Synesthesia

Mike talks about synesthesia and the tastiness of prime numbers.

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A Tale of Two G7s

Tim is proud to be Canadian, and wishes we would protest more.

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Show Host

Usually the voice of reason, unless you’re messing with his beer. Tim introduces the show and does most of the technical work. He also herds the cats.

Politics – Centre / Centre-Left

Beverage – Beer


Show Host

Fights from the left, especially when it comes to financial issues. Josh is in charge of developing an audience.

Politics – Left

Beverage – Beer



Show Host

Libertarian and unashamed, Mike usually takes a position from the right (think ‘taxation is theft’). Mike helps develop the content for our episodes.

Politics – Right / Libertarian

Beverage – Scotch / Whiskey

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