About Us

Real Canadians. Real Drinking. Raucous Opinions. Your mileage may vary.

The Founders

‘Don’t mess with my beer’


Show Host

Tim is the Executive Producer of Two and Change and sets the tone for the show. This means herding the cats. He also handles a lot of the technical stuff.

Tim’s day job is in IT. He has a Masters degree in music, and is a well known beer snob and political junkie. He tends to take a centre-left position politically, unless you try to tax his beer.


Show Host

Josh is the Director of Audience Development, and is in charge of making sure people listen to the show.

Josh works in public sector support, and has a Bachelors in History. Josh bleeds bright orange and is proud of it. He may or may not have told a cabinet minister to go f#$% himself.


‘Do hipsters have no tastebuds?’


‘Less government? I LIKE this person!’


Show Host

Mike is our third co-founder and in charge of developing segments. He is also our resident libertarian. 

Mike works in finance, and runs the gamut from ‘we need infrastructure’ to ‘taxes are theft’. He keeps things interesting.

The Regulars


Matt joins us on occasion. Matt likes beer and talking into a microphone.


Laura enjoys sitting in with us on occasion, whenever Tim can rope her into it. Laura is an avid gamer and tends to avoid overly political conversation.

About Our Show

We are a Canadian podcast with a two drink minimum. The people are real, the stories are real, and the opinions, unfortunately, are also real. We got the idea after having a few too many pints at our local pub and having a really good conversation. We thought, “Maybe we should be recording this!”. We sobered up a bit and decided it was still a good idea. Enjoy listening to our show, and drink responsibly!